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Lady Doctor Dr. Ruchi Gupta, famous lady doctor for piles in Indirapuram Ghaziabad & Rohini Delhi is available 7 days a week for consultation for female patients having piles/fistula/fissure.

We at Centre For Piles & Fistula are an eminent name engaged in offering time-tested ayurvedic therapies and treatments for curing all the Ano-Rectal Disorders such as Piles, Fistula, Fissures, Rectal Polyp, Pilonidal sinus etc. Our aim is to use Ayurveda knowledge to improve human health quality. We provide all facilities in Ayurveda KSHAR SUTRA for the treatment for these issues as per patients and diseases stage. Our therapies not only revitalize the body and the soul but also consist of a total health orientation. Supported by a team of diligent professionals, we carefully study the reports and tests of the patients so as to come up with the best and cost-effective treatments.

Our professionals use ayurvedic methods, so that these diseases can be cured effectively and naturally. Today, we are counted one among the most reliable organizations that are engaged in treating piles related problems. Our amiable professionals carefully listen to patients' problems and provide them with the appropriate treatment.

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Treatment of Fistula

Fistula is a chronic pus discharging sinus occurring in the vicinity of anal canal. It starts from within the anal canal. Pus is formed inside the anus and bursts out of anus. There is swelling around anus and it bursts out leaving a sinus.

Treatment of Piles

The patients suffering form piles have bleeding during defection. There are four degrees of piles. First and second degree piles remains inside the anal canal and patients only experience bleeding while going to toilet: there is no pain.

Kshar Sutra Therapy

Kshar Sutra Therapy is an Ayurvedic Parasurgical Technique. Great Indian Surgeon Sushruta narrated in his teachings the use of Kshara for cure of fistula in ano and other anorectal diseases.

Treatment of Fissure

Fissure is a small tear or wound inside the anal canal. It is caused by hard stool trauma to the anal skin. After healing it leaves behind a small nodule and it is known as sentinel pile. It is associated with fissure.

Pilonidal Sinus

Pilonidal sinus is a midline post anal sinus commonly seen in young adults usually without any communication with rectum and anal canal. Pilus means hair. Nidus means nest, so Pilonidal sinus means Nest with hair inside.

IRC Piles Treatment

Infrared Coagulation is a new non surgical technique that has revolutionized the treatment of symptomatic internal hemorrhoids. Much like a laser, this device focuses infrared light on hemorrhoid tissues, coagulating them.


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